It's our world. Let's take care of it.


Our labels

"Go Beyond Recycling"

A paper water soluble and biodegradable , recognized by green environmental standards in North America, such as FSC, GMP and SQF certifications. No harmful impact on the environment withc our water-based ink and non-toxic glue stick !

Savon naturel SUUM avec papier hydrosoluble

Did you know that...

73% of thewaste on the beaches are plastic;

By 2050, all seabird specieswill eat plastic regularly;

The main market for plastic is that ofpackaging.

No need to say more to understand that there are goodsbest alternatives than plastic!


Our ingredients

"Nothing superfluous, only the necessary"

With SUUM, have peace of mind. We don't use NO parabens, palm oil, synthetic substances and beeswax. For us, the natural and the vegetable matter a lot. Our ingredients are purely natural/vegan and chosen carefully and carefully.

Savon naturel SUUM dans la nature

Advocate transparency is a daily thing. This is why we take care to detail the list of ingredients for each SUUM product according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) system. Finally, when it's time to create a new product, we make sure to follow the following rule: minimal ingredients, maximum benefits.


Our delivery boxes

"Recycle again and again"

boîtes écologiques Cascades
Since he need to deliver our packages, we needed boxes to put our products in and since biodegradable envelopes are not adequate, we turned to Cascades, a Quebec supplier of cardboard boxes that is one of the most environmentally friendly in North America. Indeed, all our boxes and boxes are made of at least 75% recycled materials. The cardboard is reused and reusable several times, in a circular economy perspective!

Our carbon footprint

"Environment first"

shopify carbon offset 

It was not when 2021 that we began to inform ourselves more about the principle of carbon neutrality . In collaboration with Shopify, the applicationPlanet is integrated with our online store so that it retain a portion of our sales to finance, for example, reforestation or seabed preservation projects.