Natural Soap - What Are the Benefits of Solid Soap?

It was so much better in my day! A phrase you've probably heard from your parents or grandparents. While it does not apply to all aspects of our lives, it does with soaps. Before the arrival of shower gels in the 1970s, solid soap was on the rise. Considered easier to use, shower gels have several drawbacks compared to solid soaps. We present to you, here, 4 advantages of using a natural solid soap . 

What are the advantages of solid soap 

  1. Much more economical and generates less waste;
  2. Keeps longer;
  3. Convenient for travelers;
  4. Gentle on the skin.

Prioritizing solid natural soap is good for your savings and the planet.

How many times a year do you have to go to the pharmacy to buy a new shower gel? Probably too often. It is not uncommon for liquid soaps to last a month or less. Natural solid soap lasts up to five times longer compared to liquid gel. In addition to being able to do more washes, you'll save time and energy by doing less travel between home and the store.

SUUM is proud to offer you products that come in water-soluble, biodegradable and plastic-free packaging. Since they are not toxic, you can run your bar of soap under the tap to remove the packaging.


Bar soap keeps better than gels.

Liquid gels do not keep much longer than solid soaps because they are made up of water. This is why there is an expiration date on the bottles. 

Once the packaging is removed, the natural soap in bar does not expire and will be by your side for a long time. After several years, it may lose some properties, but will continue to wash you well. We strongly recommend that you have a soap dish which will allow your product to dry between each shower.


savon naturel solide

Bar products take up less space in your suitcase.

You are one of those people who like to go to the chalet on weekends, in order to disconnect from everyday life. Solid natural soap will take up much less space in your bag or suitcase compared to bottled gels. This will make it much easier to fit your clothes and care products.

They are better for your skin.

Opt for a natural bar soap is not only good for the planet, but for your skin too. Liquid soaps often use components that are aggressive to the skin, such as sulfates. These are used to remove grime on the body and create foam. Brands know that many customers believe that the more foamy a product, the more effective it will be.

Why choose a natural sulfate-free soap 

Although safe, sulfates can:

  • Dry the skin and scalp;
  • Create redness on the skin;
  • Be the source of itching.

When shopping for a solid natural soap, take the time to read the list of ingredients. Prefer products low in sulfate or sulfate-free, your skin will thank you later.

Choose SUUM for solid natural soaps.

Since 2017, SUUM has been offering natural products that are good for your body as well as the environment. We believe that it is the small actions taken every day that can shape the future. By choosing solid body cleansers, you:

  • Save money and time;
  • May take more showers;
  • Enjoy softer, more radiant skin;
  • Help our planet.

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