Interview | A story of maple syrups with Nos Cabanes

sirops érable Nos Cabanes

What does Nos Cabanes represent for the flagships of Quebec?

Nos Cabanes embellishes our tables with syrups in different golden shades that awaken our taste buds with their very own character. She makes us discover and appreciate the different flavors of maple syrups presented in beautiful reusable bottles with sophisticated design, while taking us on a journey through the stories of our regions and the traditions of a rich land. 


What inspired you to launch Nos Cabanes?

Nos Cabanes, a local company dedicated to showcasing our maple syrups, shares the magic that surrounds this golden fluid. It was a winter's day in February 2015 that it all started. Claudie Brassard, founder of Nos Cabanes, wanted to combine a product launch, beautiful packaging and a product that she loves to start a business. It was at this time that the DNA of Nos Cabanes took shape through the enhancement of the Quebec terroir through maple syrup. 


What can you expect when you buy from Nos Cabanes?

Each syrup has its own story, and what makes it a success with people is often the reference to the past, the emotional link with childhood memories that the taste of syrup comes to awaken again. For others, syrup is like the first kiss, a very special taste that will be remembered forever.

Interview avec Nos cabanes

What were your inspirations for your design What does this tell us about the brand?

Design is an integral part of our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. It is unequivocally an essential element in the various experiences that we seek and that we live. More so, it is increasingly part of sustainable development and a more conscious lifestyle.

Daily life is much better lived through the beautiful, the good and the sustainable. And this is the example embodied by Our Cabins with its beautiful bottles of maple syrup which each in turn tell the stories of our regions and our maple trees. 


What does the collaboration with SUUM represent for you?

We firmly believe that collaborations between Quebec artisans make it possible to promote our products in a spirit of sharing. In addition, collaborations create a positive movement for local brands and allow us to discover new entrepreneurial stories. We are happy to participate in the creation of a new SUUM maple syrup soap. Our brand values are similar when it comes to the environment and offering natural products.

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