Interview | Passionate people and a company that “spanks”: Zab Café

SUUM is pleased to introduce a key business partner to you: Zab. Learn more about this maverick Montreal roaster! In this interview we asked Edwin a few questions, one of the founders of Zab Café and Cafés Paquebots. Enjoy your reading!!


What does Zab mean to you?

Zab was my mother's nickname, Elisabeth.

What inspired you to launch Zab?

I worked for a long time as a barista and found that I was working all the time with roasters in other provinces or in the United States because the supply of specialty coffee in Quebec was limited. I wanted to take my passion for coffee further, so I decided to launch Zab.

What can you expect when buying Zab?

A delicious coffee that respects the product as much as the human chain behind it.

Why do you think it is important for companies to adopt greener practices?

Because otherwise humanity is going straight into the wall!

What were your inspirations for your design? What does this tell us about the brand?

I've always loved edgy, bad ass, and maverick designs.

What does the collaboration with SUUM represent for you?

I love working with local and ethical companies.


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