How to keep your skin moisturized with natural products - 3 tips for maintaining healthy skin.

Like many, you have set up a routine to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Many moisturizers on the market promise beautiful, healthy skin. However, do you know what they really contain  Many of the products found on your pharmacy shelves contain undesirable ingredients such as Butylhydroxytoluene, Paraben or Petrolatum. These substances, with a complex name, can irritate your skin, be carcinogenic if consumed in large quantities and are for the most part harmful to the environment. 

We know that choosing a natural product that is good for the epidermis and the planet can be difficult, that's why we offer you a guide to help you hydrate your skin withnatural, biodegradable and vegan products.

Determine your skin type

Before you even go toa shop, it is important to know the characteristics of your skin.

  • Oily skin

Your skin is shiny, grainy and shiny, you probably have oily skin.

  • Dry skin

A finer and more sensitive epidermis is synonymous with dry skin.

  • Mixed skin

It happens that depending on the areas of your body and your face, some parts are more oily and others dry, in this case, you have combination skin. We recognize combination skin by a more or less rough texture and pores that are more dilated.

  • normal skin

If you have velvety, fresh skin with an even complexion, you have so-called normal skin.


Ingredients to avoid to protect your skin and the environment

Here you are in your favorite store browsing the shelves to find the natural product you need. Before choosing a cream orasoap look what it contains. Here are some ingredients to avoid if you want to moisturize your skin while preserving the environment.

Petrolatum is used to trap moisture in the skin in order to soften it, but it can carry impurities such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons into your body which are potentially carcinogenic.

Siloxanes and other types of silicones are primarily used to soften and soften the skin. The European Commission considers siloxane types [D4], [D5] and [D6] to be harmful to humans. On his side,Health Canada believes that the substance poses no danger to us, but that it may have negative effects on the environment.

PolyEthylene Glycol (PEG) is used to thicken and give volume to creams and helps to increase the permeability of the skin. Note that when mixed with other products, PEG can become carcinogenic in addition to being very poorly biodegradable.


Preferred ingredients

When it comes time to choose a skin care product, we advise you to go ahead withsoap orBody Butter which contains natural and biodegradable ingredients. The advantage of these is that you can apply them to your body in peace without having to worry about the impact on the environment.

– Olive oil

Regardless of your skin type, olive oil remains a must. You can find this ingredient in most of our natural soaps and bar products. For more sensitive skin, we recommend theCalendula Soap.


– coconut oil

Thanks to lauric acid and antioxidants, coconut oil helps limit the damage caused by ultraviolet rays (without replacing sunscreen) and deeply hydrates the skin. You can find coconut oil and other products good for the environment in ourZab X SUUM Coffee Soap.


– geranium

An essential to keep beautiful skin! Equally suitable for sensitive and oily skin, geranium helps tone and cleanse your skin. If you like lavender, we recommendGeranium body butter which relaxes, hydrates and leaves a sweet fragrance.


In short, before thinking about going to a natural product store, it is essential to understand what type of skin you have. creams andsoaps that work well for oily skin are not always recommended for more sensitive skin. It is important to read the ingredients carefully, since they are not always good for you or the environment. Finally, we have recommended some natural and biodegradable products SUUM that you can order now from the comfort of your living room and that are good for you and the environment.

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