How to differentiate natural artisanal soap from industrial soap?

How to differentiate natural artisanal soap from industrial soap 

How do you like your natural, organic, vegan, artisanal or industrial soap? All words you can read when shopping for drugstore skincare products. Yet, not everyone knows how to tell them apart. Knowing that more and more Quebecers want to go zero waste, it is important to know how to discern them. In this blog post, we give you a comparison between natural artisanal soaps and industrial care products.

What differentiates natural and industrial soap?

  • The texture ;
  • The foam ;
  • Ingredients.

savon naturel

Distinguish artisanal soap by its texture.

Being distributed in very large quantities, industrial soap is often very smooth, unlike natural artisanal products which have a rougher finish. As these are handmade, their texture differs from one company to another.

Industrial soap foams more.

Does soap that lather a lot cleans better? Contrary to popular belief, this statement is false! The large industrial soap companies do not hesitate to add sodium laureth sulfate, a surfactant ingredient that foams on contact with water. Natural soaps, by their composition, foam very little.

Take the time to read the ingredients

Typically, natural skincare products have a much shorter ingredient list compared to industrial soaps. These often contain irritating chemicals such as petroleum or parabens, which are harmful to the environment. You will find in the handmade natural soaps vegetable and essential oils that will nourish your skin.

What are the advantages of natural handmade soap?

Good for the environment and your skin

You notice redness on your epidermis Worse still, you have itching. Large companies do not hesitate to integrate aggressive components for the skin and the ecosystem. If these cleanse your body, they can leave it red, dry it out, and be itchy.


Good for your wallet

Reducing your ecological footprint without spending more is possible by integrating natural bar soaps into your routine. Where industrial cleaning gels have an expiration date, a solid bar of soap will be your ally for several months. Over time, it may lose some of its properties, but will continue to perform its main function of washing you. In order to maximize their lifespan, we recommend that you have a soap dish or store it in a dry place.

Good for travel lovers

Whether for a road trip in Quebec or to discover the world, a handmade natural soap will take up less space in your suitcase.

Start your shift towards zero waste by choosing SUUM natural soaps. 

Balancing well-being with the planet shouldn't be a complex task. At SUUM, we offer you a wide range of handcrafted natural soaps that come in water soluble packaging. No need to throw it away, just run it underwater and you're done! When it comes time to buy natural soaps, read the ingredient list and learn about the manufacturing process. Thus, you will have all the information in hand to make an informed choice. Click here to discover our natural products.

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