How to choose natural and ecological products for your body?

Finding companies that offer handmade soaps is easy. A single request on Google is enough. When we look at the list of ingredients, we quickly see that a craft product does not always rhyme with a natural product. We share with you, here, 4 tips for finding the right natural soaps to incorporate into your routine that are good for the planet and your skin.


How to choose natural products that are good for the body and the environment 

  1. Look at the list of ingredients;
  2. Choose natural vegan bar soaps;
  3. Opt for solid products rather than liquids;
  4. Prefer natural products that come in water soluble packaging.

Take the time to read the ingredients before purchasing your natural products.

It can be easy to choose the product with the best packaging. However, many soaps and cosmetic products found in stores and pharmacies contain aggressive components that will dry out and irritate your skin.


What ingredients to avoid when shopping for natural products for your body?

-Parabens : According to several studies, parabens can promote the development of breast cancer, in addition to disrupting the endocrine system as well as the reproductive system.

-BHT and BHA : These two components are often found in lipsticks as a preservative or as a moisturizer in other products. Although these two acronyms are present in many drugstore products, they can cause allergic reactions on the skin. According to'International Agency for Research on Cancer, BHA is possibly a carcinogen.

-Petrolatum : Since petrolatum comes directly from petroleum extraction, it is not good for the environment, since it is not a renewable resource. Besides having harmful effects on the environment, its use can cause irritation and allergies on your skin.

Choose natural vegan soaps.

We see more and more brands proudly displaying the mention vegan, but what exactly does that mean A product is considered vegan when it does not contain any ingredient of animal origin. That is to say, you will not find any derivative of animal fur, meat or dairy products..

What ingredients to avoid when you want to invest in natural vegan soaps 

  • Eggs ;
  • Honey ;
  • Wax ;
  • Gelatin;
  • Ambergris;
  • Stearic acid (Note that some vegan products, like our natural soaps, use vegetable stearic acid).


When shopping for solid natural soaps, it is always a good idea to check whether the brand you are going to invest in does not perform animal testing. The brands, concerned about the environment, will perform tests on dissected human tissue or simply use ingredients known to all.

Opt for bar products rather than liquids.

Although popular in the 1970s, solid soap is now regaining its nobility. Knowing that thenatural soaps Bars last up to 5 times longer than liquid gels, saving you money and helping the planet.

shampoing solide en barre

Prefer natural products to water-soluble packaging.

Did you know that 73% of beach waste is plastic? A good way to tackle this problem is by using natural products wrapped in water-soluble and biodegradable paper. No need to throw the paper in the trash, just run it under water and you're done. In fact, all of our soaps and shampoos come in water-soluble packaging recognized by FSC, GMP and SQF environmental standards..


Find natural products that are good for your skin and the environment at SUUM.

Our mission is to provide you with products that will nourish your skin without damaging the ecosystem. In order to make an informed decision, it is essential to

  • Take the time to read the list of ingredients;
  • Opt for natural vegan products;
  • Prefer solid soaps to traditional shower gels;
  • Go ahead with water soluble packaging.

If you are looking fornatural products good for the planet to integrate into your body care routine, we are proud to offer you a wide range of artisanal and vegan soaps. Click here to discover them.

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